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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Water Treatments > Conditioners & Additives

Aquarium Water Conditioners and Additives

Aquarium water conditioners and additives like chlorine removers and stress relievers make tap water safe for use in aquariums, and should be used when preparing for tank setup or water changes. Cycle aids help you quickly establish the nitrogen cycle and avoid fatal "new tank syndrome". Ammonia removers save your tank from ammonia emergencies. To recreate natural water conditions for your aquarium, you may also need vitamins, supplements or aquarium salt.

The products below cater to every need, from freshwater fish to reefs to black water tanks. Some additives have multiple uses (aquarium water conditioners may remove chlorine, stress relievers may condition water, etc), so browse to see what products are right for your aquarium!

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Chlorine Removers

Water Conditioners

Stress Relief

Cycle Aids

Ammonia Removers

pH Regulation

Vitamins & Supplements

Aquarium Salt

Shop by Featured Products

Stability 250mL/8.5 fl oz (Seachem)
Regular Price: $7.13

NovAqua Plus Water Conditioner 16 oz. (Novalek)
Regular Price: $8.02

Prime 50mL (1.7oz)
Regular Price: $2.86

Betta Complete Water Conditioner - 1.25 oz.
Regular Price: $2.42

Stress Guard 17 oz 500mL
Regular Price: $11.68

Ultimate 16 oz. (Hikari)
Regular Price: $9.49

Spawn Aid 5oz Tropical
Regular Price: $8.25

AquaSafe Water Conditioner for Goldfish - 3.38 oz.
Regular Price: $2.52

Easy Balance with Nitraban - 16.9 oz.
Regular Price: $7.09

Water Conditioner for Tap Water - 16 oz.
Regular Price: $6.57

Stress Coat Marine - 16 oz. - 473 mL
Regular Price: $6.94

Tetra SafeStart - 100 mL
Regular Price: $6.52

Tetra BettaSafe Kit - 8 pack
Regular Price: $1.91

Tetra Startzyme Tabs - 8 pack
Regular Price: $2.43

Tetra AquaSafe Tabs - 8 pack
Regular Price: $2.43

Ammonia Safe Tabs - 8 pack
Regular Price: $2.43

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