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Fish Tank Supplies > Aquarium Maintenance > Fish Tank Pest Control & Pest Traps > Aiptasia-X - 2.02 oz. - 60 mL

Aiptasia-X - 2.02 oz. - 60 mL

Aiptasia-X - 2.02 oz. - 60 mL  
Item #:240610
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Stop Aiptasia X uses a unique, food-stimulating, adhesvie formula to implode your problematic aiptasia anemones. Works within minutes These reasons separate it from other aiptasia remedies which cause the anemone to hide back unto itself. This scenario makes aiptasia removal difficult. Completely reef and invert-safe.

Before using product, turn off all devices that cause water motion and lave off for approximately 15 minutes after administering the Aiptasia-X material.

Shake bottle vigorously.
Assemble the needle to the syringe needle by rotating the needle until it locks in position.
Insert the syringe needle into the bottle and fill the syringe with Aiptasia-X material.
Slowly advance the tip of the needle closer and closer to the oral dish of the Aiptiasia anemone to be treated while gently releasing small quantities of the material. Let the anemone tentacles close over the needle.
Spread the solution all over the anemone's oral disk. The tentacles will start to shrink and release the needle. It is important to cover the entire dish with material to prevent the release of the planulas.
To treat small Aiptasia colonies, spread the solution all over the infected area.
Treat as many anemones as possible in single treatment.
If you need to refill the syringe with more material make sure that there is no salt water inside the syringe before placing it inside the bottle.
Any residual solution can be left in the aquarium to decompose naturally.
After completing the treatment and to prevent blockage in the needle, flush any residual material from the syringe with hot water.

Store the Aiptasia-X at room temperature.

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