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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Filter > Fish Tank Canister Filter > Pennplax Cascade Canister Filters > Cascade 1000 Canister Filter - 265 gph - up to 100 Gallon

Cascade 1000 Canister Filter - 265 gph - up to 100 Gallon

Cascade 1000 Canister Filter - 265 gph - up to 100 Gallon  
Item #:237752
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Cascade units clean your fresh or salt tank with style and function. Start them quick and easy with the priming button. Water flows through 3 stages of media for superb filtering power. Includes fully rotating valves, all filter media and rubber feet for an easy to set up and quiet package. Unit pumps 265 gph and is great for tanks up to 100 gallons.

Overall Dimensions 9 IN. X 7 1/2 IN. X 16 1/2 IN.

Gph 265 GPH

Maximum Tank Size UP TO 100 GALLONS

Ul Listed YES


To prepare filter: \
Open lock clips first, then open both lift clips. Remove motor unit.
Remove filter baskets from filter case.
Filtration works from the bottom up. Use the coarse sponge pad, carbon and floss pad in bottom basket, place floss pad in remaining baskets. Lift basket handles to insert media. Rinse out baskets of any loose carbon dust.
Place seal ring, connector and cover grid over top basket.

Reassemble filter:
Not that small opening on motor unit must align with holes on basket.

Attach valves to ports on motor unit. Attach valve with blue ring to "in" port. Attach valve with black ring to "out" port.
Position filter:
Choose a location for the filter where it can be easily accessed for maintenance. Do not attach hoses yet. Note that hoses with valves will easily detach from motor to remain at aquarium during filter maintenance.

Hose attachment:
Intake hose assembly: Attach strainer to long end of intake tube. Firmly attach one hose to short end. Use 2 suction cups to secure intake tube to aquarium wall.

Exhaust hose assembly: You have 2 options: spray bar or directional spout.

1. Spray bar: Evenly distributes filtered water across length of aquarium. Breaks surface water to provide oxygen exchange.
2. Directional spout: Creates a forceful circulation flow in any direction. Breaks surface water to provide oxygen exchange.
Attach exhaust tube assembly to remaining hose. Secure to aquarium using suction cups as needed.
Carefully estimate the correct hose length to avoid unnecessary bends. Trim with scissors.
Attach intake hose to valve with blue ring.
Attach exhaust hose to valve with black ring.
Start filter. Turn both flow control levers to full open position.

Periodically change the filter media, clean hoses and impeller. Your tank conditions will determine how often this should be done.

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