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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Filter > Fish Tank Diatom Filter > Vortex Diatom Aquarium Filter > Vortex D-1 Diatom Filter w/Stand

Vortex D-1 Diatom Filter w/Stand

Vortex D-1 Diatom Filter w/Stand  
Item #:205461
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

The Vortex Diatom Filter D-1 is a high-speed mechanical filter that is designed to fine filter aquarium water without disturbing the natural bacteria levels. The filter is invaluable in keeping a parasite-free, clean, well balanced and healthy aquarium. It can be used for fresh and saltwater tanks up to 55 gallons with an “active” flow rate of 150-200gph. The Diatom Filter is equipped with a 3000 RPM motor shaft that is connected directly to the impeller. It is designed for continuous operation (maximum of 8 hours per week).

The D-1 filter features and adjustable and directional flow and has an electrical on-off switch. It has a thermally protected motor which provides quiet operation. The filter is self-contained and back-flushes clean without taking the filter apart.

A minimum charge for the D-1 Diatom Filter is about one cup. To start the filter or if it has been turned off for any length of time, the Diatom Filter Powder will have fallen off the filter bag and settled into the bottom of the plastic jar. The powder is the filter, not the bag. To restart you D-1 Filer you will have to crimp off the exhaust hose and allow the filter to run for about two minutes to recoat the filter bag before releasing the flow.

When the flow from the exhaust tube is weak or the Diatom Filter is visibly dirty, it is time to clean and recharge the unit with a new charge of Diatom Filter Powder.

To clean and recharge the filter a back flushing method may be used by disconnecting the filter from the aquarium and connecting it to a water faucet. The incoming water forces the dirty water out to make sure all the waste material is flushed clean. The filter can then be recharged.

The Diatom motor should be oiled every three to four months of normal use with Diatom lubricant.

The filter can be used in standing upright position on floor or a hanger can be purchased to hang it on tank.

The D-1 includes the Pump Assembly, a two quart, plastic Chamber with Base, a Filter Bag, a Eight Foot Section of 5/8" Hose, a Turbulence Tube, a Filter Charge, (2) Strainer Plates, (2) Strainer Strainers, (2)Cap Plugs, (2) Eight Inch Tubes, "U" Tubes (one glued, one unglued), (4) Rubber Hose Clamps, and a Plastic Hose Clamp.

Fitler: 8" diameter (base) 3 1/2" diameter (top) x 15" High
Power Cord: 3' long.

The filter has a 6 month warranty.

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