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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Food and Feeders > Fish Feeder > Automatic Fish Feeder > Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder (Ani-Mate)

Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder (Ani-Mate)

Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder (Ani-Mate)  
Item #:200948
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

This feeder will dispense food slowly over a 5 hour period for a gradual, natural feeding. The large rotating hopper typically holds sufficient food for over 21 days of use. It is fully weatherproofed so it may be mounted on a pole by the waters edge or suspended over the water. It features an adjustable feed quantity and timing for all types of pond foods.

Remove battery cover at rear and insert included battery. Switch on timing mechanism. Check battery operation by visible movement of gear wheel near "battery check". Replace battery cover. Depress front cover retainer and hinge back. Remove clear hopper lid by pulling on its edge and fill hopper body with desired food. Fill only between the baffles, do not over fill. Replace hopper lid, ensuring that it is fully clipped down onto hopper body. Set feed control, shut front cover. Set required time delay to start off daily meal by rotating hopper counter clockwise through bottom of feeder. Food is then dispensed gradually over a period of approximately 5 hours. Place feeder in its operating position. Feeder should be positioned 10-12" above the surface of the pond and at least 8" from the side of the pond. Do not submerge in water.
Setting the feed control:
When using flakes, insert the flake baffle and set feed control:
For small flakes: 15 for a 4' diameter pond 25 for a 10' diameter pond 35 for a 16' diameter pond
For large flakes:
30 for a 4' diameter pond 35 for a 10' diameter pond 40 for a 16' diameter pondWhen using pellets, insert the pellet baffle for all pelleted foods.
Small pellets:
9 for a 4' diameter pond 11 for a 10' diameter pond 14 for a 16' diameter pond
Medium pellets: 13 for a 4' diameter pond 17 for a 10' diameter pond 22 for a 16' diameter pond
Large pellets: 17 for a 4' diameter pond 22 for a 10' diameter pond 30 for a 16' diameter pond

Feeder is 8" x 3" x 8" high.

1 year warranty

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