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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Ornament > Fish Tank Ornament > Fish Tank Action Decoration > H2Show Bubble Maker

H2Show Bubble Maker

H2Show Bubble Maker  
Item #:255225
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Combine with your favorite H2Show LED Light and ornament. There’s no need to buy a noisy air pump. The energy efficient and easy to use H2Show Bubble Maker includes everything you’ll need to create attractive and beneficial ornamental aeration. Adjustable air flow.

Light not included

If the appliance shows any sign of abnormal water leakage, immediately unplug from the power source.
Carefully examine the appliance after installation. It should not be plugged in if there is water on parts not intended to be wet.
Do not operate any appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, or if it is malfunctioning or if it is dropped or damaged in any manner. Inspect power cord insulation to be sure there are no cuts or exposed wire. If so, discard and order a new replacement.
Unwind the electrical cord and the air intake tube.
Connect the air intake tube to the air pump chamber.
Place the pump body onto the positioning base. Make sure the electrical cord and the air intake tube pass through the slot on the base.
If purchased, position the LED light as shown.
Position freely the air pump in the aquarium. For perfect stability, use the base as a little shovel to dig the gravel and position the Bubble Maker as shown. To avoid noise and disturbance caused by vibration we suggest positioning the Bubble Maker avoiding lateral contact with the aquarium glass or other surfaces. We suggest using gravel that has a diameter of more than 1mm.
Fix the electrical cord joined to the air intake tube to the aquarium base and side by using the supplied suction cups.
Cut the air intake tube so that it hangs from the aquarium frame by max 4cm (1.6 inch) then apply the air control.
Connect the electrical cord to the electrical supply.
The amount of air desired can be controlled by turning the air control. Remember to follow the suggested positioning depths to guarantee correct functioning of your Bubble Maker.

2 year warranty

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