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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Protein Skimmer > Venturi & Beckett > Marine Series Advanced Protein Skimmer - 100 Gallon

Marine Series Advanced Protein Skimmer - 100 Gallon

Marine Series Advanced Protein Skimmer - 100 Gallon  
Item #:240204
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

The Marine Series Advanced In-Sump Skimmer provides effecient performance in a compact column orientation. No need for external pumps, hoses, and pipes, the functionality is built-in, just unpack and install in your sump. In-sump Protein Skimmer 100 is designed for tanks to 100 gallons and features a Maxi-jet pump, a needle-wheel impeller, and a removable collection cup and lid.

Diameter 4 1/2 IN.

Maximum Tank Size UP TO 100 GALLONS

Sump should already be filled with water. Place assembled protein skimmer into sump. Skimmer may float until pump is activated.
To activate your skimmer, just plug it in. Skimmer will begin to fill with the air and water mixture. Once the skimmer is full it will rest on the bottom of sump even if unplugged.

Note: Skimmer takes 4-5 days to settle into new system when first installed. During this time excess bubbles may be present and exiting skimmer.
Adjust flow control knob to raise or lower water level inside the skimmer.
Adjust water height so dry bubbles start to appear in collection cup neck with little to no bubbles flowing out of the skimmer into sump.

Note: Flow control knob position will vary with each specific installation and water quality. If foam collected is excessively wet, adjust water level down in skimmer body. IF foam collected is too dry or there is no foam present, adjust water level up in skimmer body.
Any bubbles returning to the sump should diminish after the 5 day break-in period.

Trouble shooting:
If no bubbles are forming in skimmer body:
Check for obstructions in Venturi Muffler System. Remove blockages with a jet of water or use the cleaning tool (provided).
Check pump connections and the needle wheel impeller.
Check for kink in airline tubing.

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