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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Filter Accessories > Fish Tank Filter Media > Chemical Fish Tank Filter Media > Resin Media > PURA NitrateLock - 500mL - Treats 50 gal.

PURA NitrateLock - 500mL - Treats 50 gal.

PURA NitrateLock - 500mL - Treats 50 gal.  
Item #:203801
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

PURA NitrateLock is a chemical filter media designed to bind nitrates effectively in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. NitrateLock should control nitrate levels in a tank up to 100 gallons for about a month before it needs regeneration, a simple process which you can perform 24 times without quality loss - 500 mL of PURA NitrateLock can last you two years in a 50 gallon tank with proper use.

Use of NitrateLock should accompany regular testing of nitrate levels so you know when to recharge your resin, or that you have a cycling problem.


First Use:
  • Soak resin in 0.5 gallon of well-buffered (hard) water for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Rinse it thoroughly using equal amounts of tap water 5 times.
  • Confine washed resin into a 300 micron media bag (included) and place in any filter. For best results insert the bag with media into direct flow of water without bypass. It can also be used in any media reactor or fluidized bed.
  • Regenerate the resin when nitrate level starts rising.
  • Carbon dust and slime coat products reduce effectiveness of the resin and may permanently foul it. Remove resin for 24 hours from the aquarium when fresh carbon or stress relievers are introduced.
  • Quickly regenerate the resin by soaking for 2 hours in solution: 2 cups table salt per 1 Gallon of water/1 L of media. Rinse it thoroughly using equal amounts of tap water 5 times.
  • 500 mL hydrated resin
  • 300 micron media bag included
  • Container contains 1 package, treats up to 50 gallons for a month and can be recharged 24 times for 2 years of use.

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