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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Filter Accessories > Fish Tank Filter Media > Chemical Fish Tank Filter Media > Resin Media > ROWAphos Phosphate Remover - 1000 mL

ROWAphos Phosphate Remover - 1000 mL

ROWAphos Phosphate Remover - 1000 mL  
Item #:203815
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

ROWAphos is a gentle but effective phosphate remover, invertebrate safe and perfect for reef aquariums. It is designed for use in a fluidized reactor, but can be used in a canister filter, as a separate slow phosphate filter or as the final stage after the biological and mechanical filters. ROWAphos will never release anything back into the water even if you are late changing it after saturation (test phosphate levels regularly to know when to change).

  • Use media a very fine filter bag or sandwiched between two layers of fine filter floss (on the incoming or outgoing flow).
  • In new or established aquariums where the phosphate levels are high, first measure the level in the water. Assume that 2-4 times that amount may be bound up in the substrate and adjust by dividing the recommended aquarium size by 2-4 times.
    Freshwater Tanks: 100 ml treats up to 200 gallons, 250 ml treats up to 500 gallons, 500 ml treats up to 1000 gallons, and 1000 ml treats up to 2000 gallons.
    Saltwater Tanks: 100 ml per every 100 gallons (250 ml treats up to 250 gallons, etc.)
  • Do not rinse before use. In some cases the use of this product can turn the aquarium water slightly brown in color due to the dislocation of finer particles of the material. This is completely harmless for fish or any other organisms and will disappear after a short period.
  • Do not sprinkle product directly into the aquarium. Never place directly into water without first surrounding it with a sponge or filter floss.
  • 1000 ml phosphate removal media
  • Invertebrate safe
  • Treats 2000 gallons freshwater, 1000 gallons saltwater

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