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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Pump & Power Head > Fish Tank Wave Maker & Water Deflector > SEIO Electronic Controller

SEIO Electronic Controller

SEIO Electronic Controller  
Item #:238951
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Create a complete water circulation system for your aquarium with the powerful SEIO controller. Unlike other wavemakers or timer,s the SEIO Electronic controller powers the pumps at all times, adjusting flow from 30% flow to 100% then back down to create natural water movement and circulation. Features include programmable time cycles to suit your aquatic habitat and time delay buttons for use when feeding.

Additional features include:
  • Auto high and low speeds
  • Variable timing 15 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Capable of running 1 or 2 SEIO pumps simultaneously
  • Designed for SEIO models M1100, M1500, and M2600 exclusively, not made for any other brand of pumps

Overall Dimensions 8 1/2 IN. X 2 3/4 IN. X 6 1/2 IN.

Do not operate the SEIO Electronic Controller with any other type of pump.
Mount controller where it will not come in contact with moisture or water.
Mount the controller securely above the aquarium.
Prior to maintenance on any electrical aquarium appliance or maintenance to the aquarium, you must disconnect all electrical aquarium devices.
Routine maintenance is required to ensure the maximum performance and the longevity of the controller and SEIO water pumps. See maintenance guidelines in SEIO water pump instructions.
The use of a surge suppressor is strongly recommended.
A drip loop must be used when plugging all electrical aquarium devices. The drip loop is that part of the cord which hangs below the level of the receptacle.
You must verify that the receptacle is clean and free of moisture at all times. The receptacle must be free off water, salt and calcium.
The national code requires that a GFCI be utilized in the branch circuit which supplies electrical power to the aquarium pump and all other electrical aquarium devices.
Clean the controller as needed to keep unit free of dust and all deposits.

Find a dry area to mount the controller.
Secure the controller above the aquarium water level. Area must be well vented. Never place controller under or inside the aquarium cabinet.
Plug one or two pumps directly into the controller.
While the unit is off, plug the controller into a GFCI electrical receptacle.
Turn the controller ON. The screen will now read 15 and the yellow second LED will be lit.
Press the set button until the desired time parameter is set. The yellow LED is for seconds and the red LED is for minutes.
Once the desired time is set, press the auto button. Once set, the time screen will switch off.

When feeding:
A. Press the auto button
B. Then press the desired feeding time.

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