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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Protein Skimmer > Turbo Driven > Seaclone Protein Skimmer

Seaclone Protein Skimmer

Seaclone Protein Skimmer  
Item #:198286
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Superior turbo-venturi skimming system for efficient removal of dissolved organics and waste from aquariums up to 100 gallons. The exclusive turbo-venturi injector system mixes filtered water and air in the pump impeller chamber, generating a froth of micro-bubbles for maximum skimming and improved gas exchange. Air and water swirl together in the vortex reaction chamber, creating a powerful tornado effect that rapidly draws dissolved wastes from aquarium water. Protein-laden bubbles are propelled upward, where they are trapped in a large capacity collection cup, which requires less emptying. Comes with a Maxi-Jet 1200 pump. Ideal for external hang-on or in-sump installation. Hang-on installation will required 4" clearance between tank edge and wall. In-sump installation requires 20" clearance betwen bottom of sump and underside of aquarium base. Easy installation, easy operation. Comes with everything needed to set up and operate. No airstones are needed. Clean foam cartridge weekly or sooner if clogged or dirty.

17 3/4"H x 3 1/2" diameter

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