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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Filter > Fish Tank Power Filter > Supreme Power Filter > Skilter 400 Power Filter

Skilter 400 Power Filter

Skilter 400 Power Filter  
Item #:206510
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

The Supreme Skilter 400 is a total system, combining a protein skimmer with chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration techniques. It is basically a protein skimmer and aerating power filter in one compact, easy-to-use unit. It is an ideal primary filter for 30 to 100 gallon saltwater aquariums. The protein skimmer portion of the system will handle aquariums up to 125 gallons, provided additional filtration is present.

The Skilter 400 is easy to operate. The unit hangs on the back of the aquarium, just like a standard power filter. It is made of high impact plastic for years of dependable use, even under the adverse conditions of a saltwater environment. The Skilter 400 employs a quiet, dependable power unit and impeller assembly. Although compact, this powerful system pumps up to 400 gallons per hour.

The Skilter 400 provides three stages of filtration as it passes through the Supreme Bio-Matrix cartridge. First, it is mechanically filtered by the dense polyester filter material. It then passes through an activated carbon medium that is specially designed to be an effective chemical filter. Finally, the entire cartridge, surrounded by its unique clam-shell style frame, acts as an efficient biological filter. The snap-together cartridge is easy to replace and allows for either partial or total change of the filter media. This assures uninterrupted bacterial filtration. The Skilter 400 uses two Bio Matrix cartridges.

The added protein skimming capability of the Skilter 400 helps to remove waste products before they become harmful to the aquarium environment. Air is injected into the saltwater creating millions for very fine bubbles. Potentially dangerous protein compounds and toxins adhere to the surface of the bubbles. This frothy waste continues to accumulate until it pushed its way up into the collection tray. Cleaning the collection tray is quick and simple.

The saltwater that is filtered by the Skilter 400 is virtually saturated with oxygen. This increased amount of oxygen that re-enters the aquarium water helps provide a better environment for fish and invertebrates alike.

Total filter: 13" long x 6" wide x 10 1/2" high
Outside the tank: 13" long x 4" wide

The Skilter 400 has a 90 day warranty.

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