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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Filter > Fish Tank Internal Filter > Triple Flow Corner Filter - Large

Triple Flow Corner Filter - Large

Triple Flow Corner Filter - Large  
Item #:248299
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Lee's Triple Flow gives you an economical filtering option for you breeder tank. Great for use with pelletized carbon, poly floss or most any kinds of media. Must be used with an air pump (not included).

Overall Dimensions 4.25 in. x 4 2.5 in. x 6 in. high

Application Freshwater aquariums

Gph Filters up to 100 gph.

Filtration Type Chemical and mechanical.

Media Used Charcoal and Filter Floss.

Place basket insert into the basket.
Pour approximately 1 inch layer of "activated charcoal" into the basket being careful no charcoal gets into the intake channels.
Put approximately 1 inch of filter floss on top of the charcoal. Be sure that the floss is behind and around the uplift tube. This will ensure that the water goes through the filter materials rather than around them.
Push air line through the top of lid. Starting at the snug (center) passage created by 3 prongs.
Push insert into Discard-a-stone. Attach to airline tubing.
Put lid on filled basket (guiding airline and stone down the tube of the basket insert). Adjust the airline so the stone rests on or near the bottom of the basket.
Attach anchor to bottom of basket.
Put assembled unit in aquarium. To help keep unit from floating*: 1) Hold under water until most trapped air excapes through vent in the lid. 2) Place unit so the anchor is under the gravel and push into position: then level the gravel over the anchor (around the unit), taking care not to obstruct intake vents.
Use airline connector to attach additional airline tubing to the air pump. Adjust air pump so that there is a good steady flow of bubbles.

*All corner filters tend to float because plastic is less dense than water. Also, air tends to be trapped in charcoal and the filter material. you may find it necessary to add plant weights or rocks to prevent flotation.

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