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Fish Tank Supplies > Plant Care > CO2 System > Turbo CO2 Bio System - up to 40 gallons

Turbo CO2 Bio System - up to 40 gallons

Turbo CO2 Bio System - up to 40 gallons  
Item #:207555
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days

An economical way to provide CO2 to your planted tank without having to buy expensive gas canisters and other equipment. The Turbo CO2 Bio System from Red Sea uses yeast-based fermentation to naturally produce CO2 for up to a month (inexpensive refills available). Unique among other biological CO2 systems, the Turbo system injects its CO2 with a venturi injector that produces micro-bubbles for optimal diffusion and dispersal.

Connect the pump to a day/night timer to prevent dangerous pH shifts during the night, when plants stop consuming CO2 and take in oxygen instead.

  • Encourages vibrant plant growth & vitality
  • Natural biological fermentation process
  • No high-pressure components required.
  • Unique diffuser pump with CO2 venturi injector
    • Injects micro bubbles from bottom of aquarium
    • Optimum diffusion of generated CO2
    • Enables lower CO2 diffusion rate at night
  • Includes components for 1 months supply of CO2
  • For continued use, use Red Sea’s Bio Generator Refill Kit
Note: Turbo CO2 Bio System works best at temperatures that are normal for freshwater tropical aquariums with slight variations of CO2 generation rate and production period according to the actual conditions. At higher temperatures CO2 will be generated at a faster rate but the CO2 generation period will be reduced. At lower temperatures the reaction will slow down and under 15 degrees C / 59 degrees F it may stop completely.

  • For freshwater aquariums up to 40 gallons

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