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Fish Tank Supplies > Fish Tank Pump & Power Head

Aquarium Pumps & Aquarium Power Heads

In an aquarium, we rely on water to deliver oxygen & trace elements to organisms, and waste to skimmers & filters. Good circulation is absolutely essential, and is a major concern in large or heavily stocked tanks, which can develop stagnant "dead spots". Water movement also discourages algae, and promotes fish health by forcing them to swim harder (stick to low flow rates for fry, live plants and stagnant water fish that aren't used to exercise).

Aquarium water pumps circulate large volumes of water; powerheads are small pumps that produce currents. Different aquariums have different circulation needs, so browse the sections below for more information, or check out our full-length article on Proper Aquarium Circulation.

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Maxi-Jet 400 PRO (110/500 GPH)
Regular Price: $13.79

Maxi-Jet 600 PRO (160/750 GPH)
Regular Price: $15.65

Maxi-Jet 900 PRO (230/1000 GPH)
Regular Price: $18.28

Maxi-Jet 1200 PRO (295/1300 GPH)
Regular Price: $20.38

Aqua Clear 70 Power Head (Old 802) (Hagen)
Regular Price: $45.97

Rainbow Quiet One Aquarium Pump 6000
Regular Price: $143.92

Rio Plus 600 UL - 200 gph
Regular Price: $19.88

Rio Plus 600 with Intake Venturi
Regular Price: $19.88

SEIO Electronic Controller
Regular Price: $119.55

VorTech Propeller Pump - MP10wES
Regular Price: $285.00

VorTech Propeller Pump - MP10ES
Regular Price: $235.00

VorTech Battery Backup
Regular Price: $165.00

VorTech Propeller Pump - MP40wES
Regular Price: $395.25

VorTech Pump Foam Guard MP20/MP40 - 3 pk
Regular Price: $12.85

Customflo Water System Kit
Regular Price: $57.04

Hydor FLO Rotating Water Deflector
Regular Price: $14.27

Koralia Evolution Water Pump - 550 gph - 4.5W
Regular Price: $31.28

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